Wednesday, August 16, 2017

New Embroidery Projects.

Hello everyone.  Below are photo's of more items I personalized.  They make great economical gifts for friends and family.  Check them out.  If you would like to order any of them, please call or email me with the details.  773 315-5662

The potholders, oven mitts and towels come in these 6 different colors  They each can be personalized (as shown above) with a name or design.

Towel and Pot holder set with an embroidery design.

Saturday, June 10, 2017

Edie's Personalized Kitchen Ensemble

What great gifts theses make, for Weddings, Birthdays, New Home and other special occasions.  This gift package includes 2 Oven Mitts, 1 Pot Holder and a Kitchen Towel.  I can personalize them with your Monogram and make them in several different colors.  If you're interested, call me:  773 315-5662

Sunday, June 4, 2017

Embroidery Business

Hi Ladies,

If you've checked my blog lately you will see I'm going in another direction.  I recently bought a Babylock Flourish Embroidery Machine.  I'm seriously making an effort to go into business selling my items, so you'll barely see Paper craft items posted. To those in Paper crafting, I will understand if you don't want to follow me anymore and remove me from your blog.  I do hope though, you might see something I post, that you might be interested in buying.  I'm just getting started with my business so I've got alot to learn about how to go about it.  Check in ever so often!  You might see something you like!    

Embroidered Place Mats

Decided to make some place mats and embroider them.  I'd like to make some to sell if anyone is interested in using them as gifts or for yourself.  Take a look.  These embroidery designs are from DesignsByJuJu.

Monday, May 29, 2017


Since my mom's death I realize the importance of utilizing the creative skills the Lord has given me.  Don't waste time wondering if what you create is any good.  Enjoy your creativity!  I've decided to maybe slowly go into business creating Sewing, Embroidery and Paper craft items.  I even have an Embroidered Logo!  Check this out!

These are the Keyfobs I'm working on now.  I recently purchased a Baby lock Flourish Embroidery Machine and I want to embroider everything!

They're selling pretty good!  They make great gifts.  I'm preparing for a Craft Event here in Chicago in July.  So I better get busy!


Hello Lovely people!  I've been away for quite some time.  Boy, do the years pass by.  Sadly, my mom passed away last week.  It was expected.  She wanted to be at home with family during her last days.  We had her on Hospice Care.  We had a very good experience with Hospice.  They supplied all we needed to make our mom comfortable during her last days.  Her transition was slow but painless. We thank God for that. We prayerfully believe she accepted Christ before she left this earth. From her wisdom we learned to be kind, considerate and self sufficient.  She raised 4 daughter mostly by herself.  RIP Mom.  We will meet again!  LOVE YOU!

Tuesday, December 9, 2014


Hi Lovely people,

Who knows what Mug Rugs are?  I didn't know until recently.  Was playing around on YouTube and discovered them.  They are actually small placemats, usually 6x10inch in size.   They are used to place your coffee or tea mugs on and maybe a cookie, biscuit or Cell phone .  I fell in love with them after making one for myself.  See below:
 Isn't it cute?  So guess what I did?  You know I usually make Christmas gifts for my Sunday school class each year, so I decided these would be perfect as gifts.  So I made 20 of them!  Each different in some way.
I just love them!

What do you think?  Can't wait to hand them out.  I might add a packet of Cocoa mix or Instant coffee to give with them.

Anyway, thanks for taking a look and as always, I love comments.