Saturday, January 12, 2013


Good morning friends,

I'm a little depressed this morning because I had to give up old Betsy (my Red Jeep) this week.  I didn't realize it would affect me this much but I keep thinking about her.  (All my cars are female)
I remember the first day I got her.  I was so happy because I had always wanted a Jeep.  We put alot of miles on her.  We drove her from here to California,  from here to Florida several times,  to Tennesee, to Wisconsin and she never failed me.  She was just getting old and I couldn't afford to maintain 2 cars.  I now have a Murano. 

Well I donated her to the Vietnam Veterans Car Donation program.  I felt they were a worthy cause and they would put her to the best use.  I know this might sound silly but I really loved that car and I didn't realize it until I gave it up. 

              LOVE YOU GIRL!  No other car will ever replace you!

 For those who took the time to read this and understand,  "I thank you!"

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  1. I understand you completely, Edie! A few months ago, I had to give up my very first car (I started driving in 2004). It was a 1993 Ford Explorer XLT and prior to giving her up, we did everything we could but it was just one problem leading to another. Listening to the voice of my Father in heaven and Him giving me the signs and wonders, it was time to let go. We sold her and God provided another---Nissan Pathfinder.