Tuesday, August 27, 2013

8/26/13 National Dog Day

Welcome, welcome, everyone and especially dog lovers .  I am a dog lover.  I have had many dogs in my life, since I married and while raising my kids.  My last precious little pet was a Lhasa Apso named Sushie. ( For some strange reason we named all our animals after foods.) She was my precious baby for about 14 years before she was hit by a car.  I was devastated...... it took me a while to get over her lose.  My husband bought her for me when I was going thru the "Empty Nest Syndrome."  Can you ladies relate?  My 2 sons were grown and out of the house, so I replaced that feeling with love for a gorgeous little bundle of fur!  It really worked!  Here's a photo of her fully grown:

I am a member of a Design Team at  I chose as my challenge theme for this week:  National Dog Day. 
To celebrate that day the challenge was to make a card or project including an image of a dog in the project.  So far, over at we are getting some cute response.  You dog loves out there should go over and submit an entry.  We'd love to see what yuh' got!

Here's my inspirational entry for this week.  I hope it inspires you!


  1. Edie your dog was so darn cute and spoiled looking. Your card is cute too. Love all the details.

  2. Very nice card and Sushie is cute cute cute tfs!!!

  3. Hi, Edie! What a cutie your fur-baby is!!! Yes, I'm a dog lover and I have my little spoiled Buster who gives me hours of pleasure and tooooo much love... lol!

    Love your card, it's so cute.

    Hope you're feeling better than when I last communicated with you, and that all things are going great!

    Hugs, my friend!

  4. Aww this is a really sweet card Edie! I know what you mean about your little Sushie...I had a stunning White German Shepard and she was my baby girl...I was gutted when she got Lymphoma aged only 4 and a half :( Your little girl was lovely! :)
    Lizy xx